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Our Commitment To You

 At Hartington Cheese, we deeply care and value the wellbeing and health of our customers. We have huge dedication and commitment to continuing the ongoing delight of culinary finesse that we have bought to our customers so far.

We are very passionate about our Cheese.

We make many of our own cheese at our very own Hartington Cheese Creamery.

We love following the current trends and moving with the time, We have noticed how popular cheese in social media has become again, and so we have started our very own Recipe of the Month page within our website. We will have an archive of Cheese Recipes built up over time, we will be adding a new recipe for using our very own hand made cheeses and extras each month!

So each month around the middle of the month we will be adding a fresh idea for a recipe that you could perhaps try out at home or with friends.

This is our dedication to educating our valued customers on how they could use our fresh & ripe produce to create some of their favourite dishes with a twist, or simply try something new.


1) Our Dedication to Purity - We offer foods that are free from flavour enhancers, colours, artificial preservatives, hydrogenated oils & sweeteners.

2) Our Dedication to Passion - We conduct extensive product testing so we are 100% sure that the food we create is full-flavoured, affordable & most importantly it gives you total taste tantalisation.

3) Our Dedication to Education - We often find that visitors come to our shop, have a look around and taste a few flavours that catch their eye, now from that initial taste you have instant questions about said product and we love nothing more than seeing a new customer try a new cheese and want to know anything & everything about it.

After all without education, none of this cheese would be available to enjoy, so live on let learn! 

Our commitment to you is that we will continue to provide the same dedicated level of purity by sticking to what we know with our suppliers. We will continue to grow our immense passion for everything cheese by trying new techniques and flavour profiles that could be that next award winning taste. This is how the Shropshire Blue was born and is one of our most popular treats today. We will continue to educate all of our lovely customers on everything and anything we can assist with. Be that what is the best Chutney to accompany a rich spiced cheese... to, how long does the White Stilton take to mature for before hitting the shelves?

Why not come in and try some new flavours, meet the team and ask away!

We would be more than happy to take you on a journey of self cheese discovery! Don't forget Christmas is fast approaching and our Hampers are a popular choice, pre-order yours now to avoid disapointment as Christmas is our busiest period of the year.

We will be here at the Hartington Cheese & Wine Shop, waiting and ready to blow your mind. 



Unfortunately we don't have any products for sale in this section of the shop at the moment - please check back soon though as our online product list is expanding all the time - or call us on 01298 84935 to enquire - it could just be that we haven't entered it into our online catalog yet!