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Goats/Ewes milk Cheese


Berkswell Ewe Unpasteurised Cheese Vegetarian Cheese

A hard ewes milk cheese with a distinctive rind and lively intense flavours that vary with the season of production.

250 g  of Berkswell Ewe @ £8.93
500 g  of Berkswell Ewe @ £17.86
750 g  of Berkswell Ewe @ £26.79
1 kg  of Berkswell Ewe @ £35.72


0 Cheese

Honey Bee Pasteurised Cheese Vegetarian Cheese

Made with a drizzle of honey added to pure goat milk for a cashew-like nutty sweetness. Slightly sweet, full of flavor, yet not strong or salty.

250 g  of Honey Bee @ £6.38
500 g  of Honey Bee @ £12.76
750 g  of Honey Bee @ £19.14
1 kg  of Honey Bee @ £25.52


Ribblesdale Ewe's Pasteurised Cheese Vegetarian Cheese

A strong, creamy cheese made with ewes milk wrapped in red wax.

250 g  of Ribblesdale Ewe's @ £7.40
500 g  of Ribblesdale Ewe's @ £14.80
750 g  of Ribblesdale Ewe's @ £22.20
1 kg  of Ribblesdale Ewe's @ £29.60


0 Cheese

Ribblesdale Smoked Goat Pasteurised Cheese Vegetarian Cheese

A smooth, silky-textured goats cheese, very lightly smoked so that the flavour is not overwhelmed by the smoking process. Enveloped in a coating of brown wax to preserve the cheese.

250 g  of Ribblesdale Smoked Goat @ £7.88
500 g  of Ribblesdale Smoked Goat @ £15.76
750 g  of Ribblesdale Smoked Goat @ £23.64
1 kg  of Ribblesdale Smoked Goat @ £31.52


Rosary Goat's Cheese Pasteurised Cheese Vegetarian Cheese

A full fat soft goats cheese with a fresh clean taste.

250 g  of Rosary Goat's Cheese @ £6.25
500 g  of Rosary Goat's Cheese @ £12.50
750 g  of Rosary Goat's Cheese @ £18.75
1 kg  of Rosary Goat's Cheese @ £25.00


0 Cheese

Staffordshire Organic Whitmore Ewe Unpasteurised Cheese Vegetarian Cheese

Organic full fat hard cheese made with unpasteurised organic Ewe's milk and vegetarian rennet. A Ewe's Milk organic cheese with a hard texture and a rich sweet flavour.

250 g  of Staffordshire Organic Whitmore Ewe @ £7.13
500 g  of Staffordshire Organic Whitmore Ewe @ £14.26
750 g  of Staffordshire Organic Whitmore Ewe @ £21.39
1 kg  of Staffordshire Organic Whitmore Ewe @ £28.52


Swaledale Goat's Cheese Pasteurised Cheese Vegetarian Cheese

This cheese has a creamy moist open texture with a smooth, mild tangy flavour and is wrapped in a cream coloured wax. Made in Yorkshire from goat's milk.

250 g  of Swaledale Goat's Cheese @ £7.90
500 g  of Swaledale Goat's Cheese @ £15.80
750 g  of Swaledale Goat's Cheese @ £23.70
1 kg  of Swaledale Goat's Cheese @ £31.60


Whitmore Ewe's Cheese Local Produce Cheese Organic Cheese Unpasteurised Cheese Vegetarian Cheese

Locally made near Acton, organic ewe's cheese with a hard texture and sweet, rich flavour.

250 g  of Whitmore Ewe's Cheese @ £7.15
500 g  of Whitmore Ewe's Cheese @ £14.30
750 g  of Whitmore Ewe's Cheese @ £21.45
1 kg  of Whitmore Ewe's Cheese @ £28.60