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Buy Blue Cheese

Please note that you will receive your cheese in the block size you order.  Therefore if you want two separate pieces of the same cheese then please place them separately in your basket.

We have an extensive range of blue cheeses to choose from including our very own Peakland Blue which is made at the Hartington Creamery

Peakland Blue

A lovely creamy blue cheese made at our own Creamery in the Parish of Hartington

250 g  of Peakland Blue @ £5.65
500 g  of Peakland Blue @ £11.30
750 g  of Peakland Blue @ £16.95
1 kg  of Peakland Blue @ £22.60

Colston Bassett Stilton

A traditional stilton with rich flavour and creamy texture matured to around 12 weeks.

250 g  of Colston Bassett Stilton @ £5.80
500 g  of Colston Bassett Stilton @ £11.60
750 g  of Colston Bassett Stilton @ £17.40
1 kg  of Colston Bassett Stilton @ £23.20

Cropwell Bishop Blue Stilton

This stilton has a rich strong but mellow flavour. It has narrow, blue-green veins and a wrinkled rind. It is excellent for crumbling over salads or as a dessert cheese, served with a glass of Port.

250 g  of Cropwell Bishop Blue Stilton @ £5.30
500 g  of Cropwell Bishop Blue Stilton @ £10.60
750 g  of Cropwell Bishop Blue Stilton @ £15.90
1 kg  of Cropwell Bishop Blue Stilton @ £21.20

Dovevale Blue

An award winning‚ deliciously soft‚ creamy mild blue cheese made at the Hartington Creamery using local cows milk

250 g  of Dovevale Blue @ £5.05
500 g  of Dovevale Blue @ £10.10
750 g  of Dovevale Blue @ £15.15
1 kg  of Dovevale Blue @ £20.20


A Double Gloucester base with a layer of creamy sharp blue stilton infused through the centre

250 g  of Huntsman @ £4.55
500 g  of Huntsman @ £9.10
750 g  of Huntsman @ £13.65
1 kg  of Huntsman @ £18.20

Shropshire Blue from Hartington Creamery

Blue Shropshire has a creamy texture and a distinct tangy flavour associated with blue cheese. Made locally at the Hartington Creamery. Please note this cheese is not vegetarian as it is made using animal rennet.

250 g  of Shropshire Blue from Hartington Creamery @ £4.65
500 g  of Shropshire Blue from Hartington Creamery @ £9.30
750 g  of Shropshire Blue from Hartington Creamery @ £13.95
1 kg  of Shropshire Blue from Hartington Creamery @ £18.60

Hartington Stilton

Our creamy blue stilton was launched in September 2014. Made at the Hartington Creamery in Derbyshire this blue cheese will definitely not disappoint. Handmade by skilled cheese makers this Stilton marks a welcome and historic return to Stilton making in the Parish of Hartington.

250 g  of Hartington Stilton @ £4.40
500 g  of Hartington Stilton @ £8.80
750 g  of Hartington Stilton @ £13.20
1 kg  of Hartington Stilton @ £17.60